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Junior DiscoverGolf

What Will You Discover?

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Expert Instruction

Our synchronized approach of individually tailored instruction in tandem with meticulously designed learning environments renders radically effective results.

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Play to Learn

Our campers experience authentic ownership of their skills by engaging with our extensive catalog of on-course, practice, and situational awareness games.

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Holistic Approach

We emphasize and coach the human skills and performance art that are inseparable aspects of functional golf.

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DiscoverGolf App

Our proprietary coaching platform serves as both a feature-rich platform progressing our students through golf�™s eight core skills and network of inspirational athletes and coaches.

About DiscoverGolf Clinics

A golf learning experience unlike any other

Accessible to all ages and playing backgrounds our revolutionary junior golf training programs deliver a perfect blend of expert, individualized instruction alongside meticulously designed game and skill development stations.

Our campers delight in our "learn by doing" approach as they set goals, collaborate with friends and staff, track progress, and LEVEL UP their golf games within the DiscoverGolf training system!

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Coach Richard sent me videos and challenges through the app so I could be practicing outside of class, I've never had this much fun practicing!
Travis, 14

I was always told that I can't use my phone at the golf course, thankfully my mom dropped me off at DiscoverGolf and I am having way more fun!
Fitz, 13

I can't wait to come back next year! I am keeping in touch with all my new golf friends in the app!
Jack, 12

Best golf clinic ever! The coaches helped set my goals and showed me games I could play to reach them!
Jack, 13

Clinic Layout

Aerial view of the camp layout at Deerpath Golf Course

1 - On Course

50% of our training is done on the golf course. Learning to transfer your skills on the course is the most important skill in golf!

2 - Short Game

Flops, pumps, nips, skippers and the complete arsenal of short game weaponry is on our display as our juniors are constantly challenged to invent and deploy a complete repertoire of shots.

3 - Fitness

Developing a strong physical foundation through movement practice is a core tenant of our coaching philosophy. Everyday at camp you'll find our junior athletes throwing, kicking, running, and jumping their way to a more capable and confident body!

4 - Full Swing

Our expert will use the latest in swing analyzing technologies and our proprietary driving range "targetzone" configurations to create a high fidelity learning area for all things ball stricking.

5 - Putting

Our putting stations have games for learning the line, speed, and green reading skills our juniors need to be masters of the flatstick.

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