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2021 DiscoverGolf FALLGolf Program

DGWee (4-week program)

DGWee is designed to provide a movement foundation that develops and instills curiosity and passion amongst our youngest students. These classes also teach parents the fundamentals of how to properly work with juniors for maximum skill development and creating a passion for the game.

Ages: 5-8 years old
Cost: $175/golfer
(Program is currently sold out)
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DG After School Golf (6-week program)

The two hours of after school golf are best described as a supercharged golf experience. Juniors learn through deep engagement on skill building challenges and games. Under the watchful eye of our coaching staff, our students never stop learning as they make their way through meticulously designed instruction stations. Our players learn by doing and will find themselves extremely active throughout the many on-course and practice area stations. It is during these classes the juniors learn the game and are also challenged in a group environment as they progress through the DiscoverGolf daily missions!

Dates: Starts the first Tues after Labor Day and ends the first week in October (Monday-Friday 4-6 PM, Saturdays 11AM-1PM, Sundays 1-3PM)
Ages: 8-14 years old
Cost: $495/golfer for one day, $795/golfer for 2 days and $945/golfer for 3 days
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Golf Team 180

DiscoverGolf's Team 180 program has a storied tradition, with the vast majority of our players moving on to high school and collegiate golf. Using the latest swing analyzing technology and a proven training model, our most invested juniors are guaranteed to find their pathway to mastering the many elements of elite golf. Our Team 180 training sessions are focused on more extensive time on the golf course, which we use for on course practice and simulation of competitive golf environments. 

Dates: Starts after Labor Day ends the first week in October (Wednesdays & Fridays 4-6PM, Saturdays 1:30-4:30PM)
Ages: 12-17 years old
Cost: $1,495/golfer
Click here to register for Golf Team 180

2021 DiscoverGolf Summer Golf Program

Summer Golf Program is a perfect fit for juniors. The program is a fun and fast paced exploration into the game. Participants can expect to be very active as they make their daily shuffle through full swing mechanics, short game, putting and on-course "stations." The camps feature one of the most knowledgeable teaching staffs in Illinois and a guaranteed 4:1 student to teacher ratio.

Dates: First camp starts on June 14 and last camp starts on August 9. Weekly programs are Monday-Thursday for golf skills development and Fridays for a 9-hole tournament.
Ages: 8-14 years old
Cost: $499/golfer
Click here to register for a Summer Golf Program

Clinic Layout

1 - On Course

50% of our training is done on the golf course. Learning to transfer your skills on the course is the most important skill in golf!

2 - Short Game

Flops, pumps, nips, skippers and the complete arsenal of short game weaponry is on our display as our juniors are constantly challenged to invent and deploy a complete repertoire of shots.

3 - Fitness

Developing a strong physical foundation through movement practice is a core tenant of our coaching philosophy. Everyday at camp you'll find our junior athletes throwing, kicking, running, and jumping their way to a more capable and confident body!

4 - Full Swing

Our expert will use the latest in swing analyzing technologies and our proprietary driving range "targetzone" configurations to create a high fidelity learning area for all things ball stricking.

5 - Putting

Our putting stations have games for learning the line, speed, and green reading skills our juniors need to be masters of the flatstick.

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